JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest (Son Katılım : 31 Mayıs 2018)

We hold this contest to give an opportunity for children of the future generation to become more aware of their global environment through drawing picture under the theme of the environmet of our Earth.

We tend to think that the place where we live is the standard, and that everyone else lives in a similar kind of way. If we look beyond areas that are easy for humans to live in, we realize that there are a diverse variety of creatures living there. Why don’t we try thinking about these other residents of Earth living in different places from humans?

Şartname JQA

 Contest website : http://www.childrens-drawing.com/en/index.html

Children aged 7 through 15
Registration Deadline
The application must reach us by May 31, 2018
Requirements: Paper size 257 × 364 mm or smaller.
Drawing tools: Draw in free hand with any type of paint, pastel, etc.
Important note
  1. Please print out and fill in Application-eng and attach it to the back of your drawing.
  2. Please be sure that the drawing has been drawn personally and has not been published in other newspapers or magazines.
  3. All materials received will not be returned as a general rule.
  4. All materials received will become the property of JQA and may be used in publications or on the Web for publicity and promotional purposes.
  5. Applications sent in groups, such as a school, should be sent in a single packet.
  6. Please note that drawings with text (such as posters) are not eligible for the contest.
Mailing address
Please send your drawings to:JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest Office
POB 264, Kyobashi Yubinkyoku, Tokyo, 104-8691, Japan
Winners announcement
August, 2018 (to be posted on this website)
48 winners will receive special memorabilia. All entrants will receive a participation prize.


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